Our Products

Our bags are known for their vibrant colors, eye-catching designs, and attractive prints. We carry a large variety of stylish bags that appeal to a broad spectrum of users. You’ll love the usefulness, sustainability, diversity, and fashion sense of our collections, ranging from laptop bags, to beach, workout, and overnight totes; to shoppers, to fashion clutches, and more.


Industries Served

The versatile nature of the fabric that we work with allows us to cater to multiple different industry segments, and our goal is to reach out to as many as we possibly can.


We cater to multiple segments in the fashion industry. These can range from slamm medium to large store. We have an inhouse design team that works closely with our customers to create exactly what they are looking for.


We treat the natural coarse jute fabric to develop a fabric that is soft to touch. From this fabric we create upholstery, cushion covers, table mats, runners and more.


We work with both jute and cotton to create unique promotional bags that can be completely customized to cater to our clients needs.


Our innovative in-house design team is constantly working to develop new product ranges to package an array of cosmetic products.

Wine & Liquor

Any wine always tastes better in a nice glass. It is our belief that it always looks better when gifted in wine bag. With this thought in mind we create our wine bags to cater to differing tastes. Some are uirky, while others are poised and sophisticated.


Jute is a natural fiber and it is a great fabric to use for packaging almost any product. It is hardy and always looks amazing and earthy.


We make bespoke customized pieces for a select few labels who are very design oriented and require each piece to be a work of art.

Chain Stores

As we said earlier we are part of the movement to eradicate the use of plastic. We would not be able to work towards this without the help of our retail partners. Their support of the reusable bag movement has given us a platform to further our cause.



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