Corporate Social Responsibility

At The East India Natural Goods Co. we believe in giving back to our community.
We make our contribution to the environment by selling jute and cotton bags in an attempt to eradicate the use of plastic.

We hire our entire workforce locally and believe in empowering women in our community to take on full time work and earn wages that are at par with their male counterparts. With this motto in mind we have ensured that our entire quality control department is staffed by female workers.

We have instituted programs to train our female staff to develop their sewing skills, so that they can transition from being labeled as unskilled workers to become part of the skilled workforce. By virtue of these programs we want to create more employment opportunities for women and help them support their families.


A better future

In a further attempt to uplift our community, we offer to contribute to the tuition fees of children of our employees who wish to pursue higher education. One of the boys whose education we paid for has just recently completed his PHD in Chemistry and is going on to become a college professor.

Our Factory is SA 8000 compliant and we ensure that all the social conditions and the safety standards are strictly adhered to. These standards range for ensuring employee safety on the production floor to having properly allocated spaces for the lunch room, sick room etc.

All our employees are covered by mediclaim as well as employee state insurance, giving them adequate access to health and medical insurance.

Our process of production is absolutely eco-friendly and the employees are strictly instructed to wear masks and gloves during work for their protection. This is done to ensure their protection and maintain proper environment which is absolutely hygienic for the other employees as well.

We love the environment and believe in doing all that we possibly can to reduce our own foot print. It is with this thought in mind that we have set up an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in our factory to properly dispose of printed contaminated water and waste material ensuring that hygiene levels are maintained in the workplace.



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